Curley’s Cove RV Park began as a dream between a father and son in 1992.  Carthell “Curley” Debter was an avid fisherman and Lake Weiss was his favorite place to go fishing for crappie.

Curley and David wanted to create a place where families like theirs could go to camp, cookout, boat, and fish together.  They created Curley’s Cove – a beautiful, and serene park on the lake they loved so much.

Curley retired to his beloved park, and managed it with his wife, Emma, for several years.  Every since Curley’s passing in 1997, his son, David, has been the park’s owner.  He has been responsible for continuing the family tradition and growing the park into the beautiful park that stands here today.

David is committed to continuing to improve the park.  He has made many improvements in landscaping, infrastructure, and new construction projects.

Thanks to the gorgeous weather year-round here in Cedar Bluff, Alabama, we’re open year round.  So come on out and and enjoy Lake Weiss with us at our family-friendly RV park.

Here’s just a few ways you can enjoy our park: