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Creative Campfire Breakfast Recipes

Campfires are that essential part of being outdoors that helps bring everyone together… and what could be better than starting the day off in that warm glow with your family and friends!

Here are a couple simple ideas to help make your camping breakfast more interesting and fun!

Breakfast Woof’em



These biscuits are a great no-mess treat that are fun to make and stuff with your breakfast of choice.


Hold it over the fire, and steadily turn it so that it cooks evenly.  It should turn a nice, golden brown pretty quickly if your fire is good and hot, so keep an eye on it!

When they’re done, let them cool down a bit before you take them off the stick.  Once they’re cool, just fill them with your breakfast filling of choice and enjoy!

Campfire Muffins

campfire muffins


These no-mess muffins are a great way to make breakfast and have your orange juice to go with it!

Everything you will need:

  • Several oranges (one orange makes 2 muffins)
  • Muffin mix (any flavor will work)
  • Campfire or Grill
  • Aluminum Foil

Next, mix up your muffin mix as you normally would.

Now scoop the mix into the orange halves to the top and wrap into a ball shape with 3 layers of foil.

To cook them up just toss them down into the fire! These normally take about 10 minutes to cook. Just keep turning them over in the fire every minute or so and check them until they get firm in the middle.

You may need a spoon to get all of them from the peel.

Once cooked, remove and enjoy!