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Some Awe-Inspiring RV Remodels!


Whether you stay in your RV full time, or just a few weeks out of the year, it still becomes your home-away-from-home.  Keeping it comfy, cozy, and organized is always a challenge.  These RV enthusiasts really stepped up and took on that challenge head-on with these awesome remodels!

This couple renovated their 5th wheel into a tiny home!

1faf34aa92794c1cf7d586b495b5f1c8If they didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know that this is a 5th wheel trailer that’s only 144 sq ft!  They definitely prove that it’s possible to like comfortably in tiny style.

Check out all their remodel photos at Tiny House Talk:

Vintage Airstream Argosy becomes a mobile office

47b46e882304efb71ee3a4358b4b4dc4Alicia Falango took her flair for organizing amazing events and applied it to designing her mobile office for her business.  She did some amazing remodeling to this Airstream Argosy and created a really stylish work space.

Read the full article and see more photos at:

Stenciling the screen door – simple, and yet fantastic!

14ff7fa2272eeafe23d6b8efd057d516This is such a neat and simple little idea that adds a finishing touch to an RV remodel.  Mrs. Padilly walks you through step-by-step how to create this stenciled effect on your screen doors.  She also has several other articles with photos where she’s doing a “glamping” makeover for her RV.

Check out the step-by-step instructions at Ms. Padilly’s Travels:

Aqua & Dark Chocolate Textiles, Laminate flooring, and Faux tiles… awesome!

79c7520631f49ffb93a4faf42ce08f55Almost all RVs come with very plain interiors.  This couple decided they want to make their space cozy and comforting using textiles, tiles, and laminate to create a gorgeous aqua & chocolate theme.

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